11 Aug

In event planning, the main goal of setting up your booth and getting the most visitors is the main objective. It is not, however, an easy thing to do. The presence of other booths, with equally motivated presenters and their wonderful presentation makes visitors’ attention span short. You need to research well before setting yours up and strive to make visitors see why your booth is worth the visit.

To make your booth worth the visit, your booth manager needs to have the necessary experience and expertise to engage visitors as they pass by the booth. Your booth design is also an important factor. We have some strategies here you can employ to make it more interesting.

Incentivizing the visit is a good strategy. You can have an online competition, where guests are invited to enter and provide their details.To get more info, visit The Event Planner Expo . The winner gets to pick their prize at the booth, with a chance for others to also win something when they stop by. More people will be curious to see how the competition unfolds.

You can also use the power of an influencer, or find a celebrity to be present at the booth. A local celebrity will be well received and draw a large crowd. You need your sales team ready during the period the celebrity is around, to make the most of that chance.

A relaxing and inviting booth design is also ideal. As the day wears on and the visitors get tired from all the activities and speeches, a cool and relaxing booth gathers the most visitors. You can up the ante by getting comfortable seats, an aromatic and air-conditioned environment, and soothing music. In that state, your sales representatives will engage the visitors in more meaningful conversations.

You can also create a tech station. Considering everyone carries around at least a couple of devices, they will need a charging station at the very least. To learn more about event planners, click theeventplannerexpo.com . Their need to stay connected will have them looking for a Wi-Fi connection, a charging outlet, and other amenities. You can provide those in your booth, with your sales team attending to those stations.

You can also use the booth as the location for a product launch. Product launches by themselves attract plenty of visitors. Events pull in large crowds, which can be directed to the product launch, thus affording you the audience you needed for your presentation. You can advertise the product launch through your communication channels such as social media and email.

You will learn more about ways of making your booth the ultimate stop at an event when you attend The Event Planner Expo. Learn more from  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCD_4UbqQIA

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